Crossroads Station

Vision:   VRE today.  Connecting capitals, creating opportunities tomorrow.

Our vision for this project is to successfully implement  the county’s plan for VRE.  The Crossroads Station VRE development will be a world-class, mixed-use sustainable development.  Our team was assembled with this single-minded purpose to achieve this goal. 

Community involvement is paramount to the eventual success of Crossroads Station.  Several outreach strategies have been developed to incorporate the community throughout the life of the project in an open and collaborative public process.  This process will help shape the evolving design for the development so that it can meet the needs of Spotsylvania residents, commuters, local businesses and local government.

Plans for Crossroads Station call for a cluster of buildings with ground-level retail and offices above, a 180-room hotel and enough parking to accommodate VRE commuters.  Lester and Johnson envision parking decks eventually being erected and a showpiece train station being built that could accommodate a future Amtrak stop.  The development will proceed slowly, as Lester and Johnson envision the development being completed over the course of 13 years or more. The first step will be building the roads, parking and infrastructure needed for when VRE service starts in 2013.  The schedule of the subsequent development, while planned for over a decade, will ultimately be market-driven.